Simple and Effective Business SMS

Send, Receive, and Manage Important Business SMS Messages From Your SendHub Business Number

Effective Communication Delivered With SendHub's Business SMS Messaging Features

Dedicated text enabled business phone number

Every SendHub account comes with a brand new fresh business line in the area code of your choice. We also give you the option to port in an existing landline to easily text enable a number you’re already using.

  • All messages are sent from your professional business or toll free number.
  • Inbound MMS picture messages enabled in every account.

Business SMS Made Easy with our Unified Online Messaging Inbox

Do More With SMS

Group Texting

  • Send SMS to groups of up to 500 contacts at the same time.
  • Create, organize and edit groups easily.
  • Segment your contacts to send relevant messages to specific groups within your contact database.

Text-To-Join Short Codes

  • Individuals can text the group keyword to either your phone number or short code to automatically be added to the group
  • Subscribe for alerts and updates by texting a word to the number
  • Opt in available for use with shortcode and longcode

Short Code

  • Use five digit short code for improved performance with high volume, high speed capabilities with included protection from carrier filtration
  • In addition to higher performance, shortcode's are also easier to share and for your customers to interact with.


  • Include files such as PDFs, Images, documents and more in your message.
  • Send any file to any phone number
  • Integrates with dropbox, box and google drive

Take Advantage of These Great Features to Communicate Even Better

Text-to-Join Keyword

Automatically build groups and add contacts to your database.

Inbound MMS

SendHub phone numbers are capable of receiving inbound picture MMS messages.

Contact Database

Upload, add, edit, and manage all your contacts to streamline sending messages.

Mobile Apps

Take SendHub everywhere you go with iOS and Android smartphone apps

  • Download our free, full featured smartphone apps to work seamlessly across web and mobile
  • Access your messaging inbox, compose and send new messages, and update your account settings.

Analytics and Reporting

Track your company usage patterns visually, or export data for a more thorough analysis or to use in another system. Pull together reports by tapping into  downloadable message archives.


Build custom SMS solutions powered by SendHub

  • Online and mobile text messaging for your app or business needs.
  • Flexible and powerful API includes, SMS, MMS, inbound and outbound messaging inbox, voice, shortcode, text to join, scheduled messages, group messages, contact database, analytics, archiving and more.
  • Full API Documentation and Developer Support. We offer a rich API documentation library to reference along with direct hands-on support from our developers.

Automated Features

Auto Replies

Set Up a message (auto-response) that automatically gets sent back to anyone who sends a text message to your SendHub number.

Message Scheduling

Schedule messages to go out at a specific date and time in the future.

Message Forwarding

Direct all incoming messages to a mobile device of our choice.

Custom signature

Set a signature or message  to be included in every message sent from your number.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemails are automatically accurately transcribed and stored as text messages in your Messaging inbox, as well as forwarded via email.

Text to Join

Subscribe for alerts and updates by texting a word to your business number or shortcode.