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SendHub's bulk SMS App allows Your Business to Broadcast your brand instantly

SMS Communication

It’s effective

Approximately 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery. People pay attention to SMS.

Text Messaging

It’s simple

Bulk SMS makes it easy to send messages to individuals or groups without requiring an app download. It just works.

Bulk SMS

It’s flexible

Bulk SMS can scale with your business usage and accommodate your changing communication needs.

What can SendHub's Bulk SMS Application do for your business?

Receive Text Messages on Your Business Line and Customize with our bulk SMS API

Every SendHub account comes with a brand new  business line in the area code of your choice. Port in an existing landline to easily text enable a number you’re already using. Each inbound message is timestamped and added to your inbox for easy follow up. SendHub's bulk SMS application is the best bulk SMS business for you.

  • Big or small business businesses can add texting capabilities to the way they communicate with customers.
  • Answer questions and provide support on a channel people are comfortable interacting with. Increase engagement, make more sales, and happier customers.
  • Key Features: Contact Database, Text Enabled Business Line, Message Archives, Conversation Threads, Text-to-Join.

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Business Texting
Send Bulk text messages from a computer

Business SMS Bulk Text Messaging Apps Made Easy with SendHub

SendHub’s Bulk SMS solution, is helping the growing on-demand and sharing economy to reach customers and mobile teams via professional text messages. Lyft, LawnLove, Buddytruk, Suacey, WagWalking, Sprig are just a few of the companies using SendHub to solve logistic and operation challenges.

  • Deliver alerts or updates in real time.
  • No developer required. SendHub works out of the box, without the need to build custom integrations or costly apps.
  • Key Features: Message Archives, Group Messages, Contact Database, Unified Messaging Inbox.

Bulk SMS Advertising: High-Speed, High Conversions

 Bulk SMS messages are quick, engaging and most importantly effective. Whatever the use, your business can deliver a message to a customer, employee , or vendor from your professional business number. Lead the charge. Take your business to the next level with fast, easy, direct communications that get your business noticed.

  • Send an update about an offer, confirm an appointment or coordinate a pickup or dropoff.
  • SendHub’s fully integrated bulk SMS interface gives you control of your messaging – customization, scheduling, and automation are all in your hands
  • Establish  a clear communication path with your customers to forge lasting customer relationships and maintain a consistent brand image.
  • Key Features: Contact Database, Text Enabled Business Line, Message Attachments, Conversation Threads, Text-to-Join, Mobile Apps.
send mass text from a computer
SMS Messaging from a computer

Organizations: Engage With Volunteers and Group Members

Keep your group or organization on the same page with SMS messages sent from SendHub.

  • If you’re managing a committee of volunteers, planning a big charity event, or just making an important update, text messages are quick and easy to send.
  • Upload your contacts and create segmented groups to always deliver the appropriate message.
  • Key Features: Group Messages, Shortcode, Contact Database

Advantages of Bulk SMS

Build up your marketing database and deliver your interactive and engaging campaigns directly to their mobile phone. Engage with your target customer base easily and efficiently with SendHub’s bulk SMS feature, designed to optimize SMS messaging efficiency so you can concentrate on building your brand and running your business.

  • Segment your contacts into groups and deliver timley offers, coupons, promos, and messages to your most engaged customers.
  • Enable text-to-join keywords to grow your contact lists.
  • Key Features: Group Texting, Text-to-Join, Keywords, Shortcode, Message Attachements. 
SendHub Text Messaging
Real Estate Texting

SendHub's Bulk SMS | A Better Marketing Solution

Engage with your clients via bulk SMS message from your professional business number.

  • Coordinate showings, send along directios to open houses or quickly  let someone know their dream property just came on the market.
  • Take SendHub on-the-go with our smartphone apps.
  • Key Features: Text Enabled Business Line, Message Archives, Message Attachements, Conversation Threads, Text-to-Join, Mobile Apps.

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