1. What is SendHub and how long does it take to get setup?

SendHub is a business messaging platform that offers convenience, flexibility, and all the features you’d need to manage marketing campaigns, customer support, dispatch, and a wide range of other use cases, all within an easy to use web dashboard and mobile app.
After selecting your plan, you can be sending and receiving messages in minutes. There’s no hardware to install or configure, everything you need is included in your SendHub account.

2. Does my business get its own phone number?

Yes! When you create a new SendHub account, you’re automatically assigned a new phone number in the area code you’ve chosen at signup. This is the number that will display on inbound and outbound activity for messaging and calls.

3. Does SendHub include inbound and outbound messaging?

All SendHub accounts allow you to send and receive messages based on the entitlement limits in the plan you selected. Inbound SMS does count toward your usage. To learn more about our entitlement limits and plans visit Pricing here.

4. How do I upload contacts?

Getting contacts into SendHub is simple. Of course, you can input them one at a time by hand or you can upload via your mobile contacts in your phone, from Gmail, or via a .csv spreadsheet. Learn more about uploading contacts here.

5. How can I access my SendHub account?

SendHub allows you to manage your account through a web browser, or via our mobile apps for Android or iOS.

6. Can I upgrade at anytime?

Absolutely! If you feel like you’ve outgrown your current plan, or would benefit from the flexibility of larger group messaging, simply contact our sales team to talk through your options, or upgrade in the app from the billing settings tab.

7. I’m a developer, does SendHub offer an API?

Yes. If you’d like to build a solution powered by SendHub’s powerful messaging, we offer a complete easy to integrate API with access to our technical team for support. Learn more here.

8. Can I send messages to large groups?

SendHub is designed to accommodate all of your messaging needs, from one-to-one messages to large groups. Each of our plans offer the ability to message to groups, but depending on the size of your group, you may need to consider which plan will be the right fit for you as there are limits assigned with each plan. To learn more about our recipient limits visit here.

9. Is SendHub available outside of the United States?

SendHub is currently only supported in the US and Canada, but we hope to add international functionality soon. If an account is created for use outside of the US or Canada, your account is susceptible to suspension and deactivation.