Did you know that 150 million texts are sent to landline numbers every day, even though many of those lines are not text-enabled? Every person calling in is a missed opportunity to connect with a prospect and make a sale. Fortunately, enabling text messaging to your current VoIP number or landline is an easy process that SendHub can help you accomplish!

What is Hosted SMS?

Hosted SMS, or also known as split service, allows SendHub customers to enable non-SendHub owned or operated landline or VoIP numbers for messaging. This means that even though you are on a different voice provider, you can still utilize the SendHub platform for SMS and MMS.

What Are the Benefits?

With SendHub’s hosted SMS, you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using the SendHub platform while leaving the voice capabilities and landline number in place with your current carrier or service provider. This method provides our customers with an easy and simple number management experience.

Once a phone is text-enabled, it can be linked to SendHub’s platform and become a part of your digital communication strategy.

How Do I Get Started?

Text-enable your phone numbers with SendHub’s hosted SMS service today! Our professional texting platform gives you access to business-level features such as group messaging, full MMS capabilities and more. These features will give your business complete coverage in the communication method consumers prefer.

Schedule a demo here or contact us if you’re interested in adding SMS text messaging to your existing numbers with hosted messaging.