Remember back in 2008 when former President, Barack Obama announced his choice of Vice President to millions of his supporters via SMS messaging for political campaigns? He continued to use this approach to organize rallies, keep his supporters informed and even generate donations for his campaign. There’s no denying that this strong form of engagement can aid in any candidate’s campaign. Even former candidate Mitt Romney utilized texting as a form of communication and commerce.

Whether you are running for the presidential office, city council or trying to organize a local rally, SMS messaging for political campaigns can help you stay connected with the public. This marketing strategy can also be a crucial aspect of a winning campaign.

Benefits of SMS Messaging for Political Campaigns

Politicians and community organizers regularly use SMS messaging to gather attention for their campaigns. Here are some of the most commonly used methods on how you can leverage SMS messaging for political campaigns.

1. Voter registration reminders:

Millions of eligible voters go unaccounted for when it comes to the polls simply because they aren’t registered. It’s easy to send out a simple SMS reminder in advance of big election days. This is a convenient and friendly way to remind your supporters to double check their voting status. You can even send links to help them find the online resources to do so based on their state!

2. Voting day reminders:

Send your supporters a reminder as the election day approaches. Letting them know when and where they can cast their vote will guarantee that your supporters will stay informed all throughout the election process. Get out your voter base with a simple mass text from SendHub!

3. Crucial announcements:

Obama was definitely on to something when he utilized SMS messaging for political campaigns back in 2008. Keeping your supporters updated on changes in your campaign is a great method to keep them actively involved. Whether it’s event reminders, debate highlights or fundraising, your supporters will want to stay updated on your campaign.

4. Organize volunteers:

Not every supporter can donate money, but many can donate time. SMS messaging takes the hassle out of grassroots campaigns. Include a link in your message with more information on your next rally or protest and you’ll instantly see your numbers increase. With over 90% of text messages read within the first three minutes, you can be sure that your supporters will be aware of all your crucial events.

5. Text-to-join keywords:

Let your list build itself when you market your text-to-join keywords! All of SendHub’s plans include text-to-join keywords. For example, your supporters can text “VOTE” to your number to opt-in to your campaign updates or election day reminders.

SMS Messaging Helps Build a Strong Campaign

Clear and transparent communication is vital for political campaigns. You need to be able to contact your voters and volunteers as efficiently as possible. In the digital age that we live in, there are many method of communication, but none compares to the convenience of SMS messaging for political campaigns. As SMS communication becomes more popular, organizations everywhere are utilizing this technique to keep their audience engaged. Over the years, SMS messaging for political campaigns has proven to be a consistently effective tool in a successful campaign.

Make an Impact

Young adults aged 18-34 make up a large portion of the voting population. Among this demographic, texting is the most preferred method of communication. Stay ahead of the media curve by using SMS messaging for political campaigns. Communicate your stance on current politics by informing your supporters instantly. You can even utilize MMS to send videos or infographics to give your supporters a more visual representation of where you stand. No matter what your political affiliation is, encouraging voter registration and keeping the public engaged gets people to take action. Win or lose, you are making an impact on society!

It’s Time to Consider SMS Messaging for Your Political Campaigns

If you choose to leverage SMS or MMS messages in your campaign, be sure that you are abiding by the guidelines set for your campaign. Though very convenient and useful, SMS marketing still has guidelines and compliance rules that must be followed. All users need to agree to receive your SMS updates and be given the ability to opt-out at any time. Just as SMS can aid in your campaign, it can also hinder it if you are sending unsolicited messages. Refer to SendHub’s blog on the Double Opt-in method and SMS compliance for more information.

No matter your political race, SMS messaging for political campaigns is an efficient way to get voters involved in your cause while assuring proper communication. If you are a candidate preparing for an election or a community organizer looking to increase your engagement with your supporters, SMS messaging can be the tool you need to bring action to your cause.

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