Texting for Nonprofits

Stay Connected with SMS for Nonprofits

Change How You Get Donations

More than ever, today’s transportation, delivery, dispatch, logistics and other businesses in the shared economy are relying on SendHub’s all-in-one desktop and mobile phone application to create efficient lines of communication by allowing them to send texts online. SendHub’s texting application for transportation professionals is a game-changer.

Bulk Text Potential Donors

With SendHub’s easy to use text-to-join keywords, people all around the U.S will have the ability to text your keyword to your SendHub number and opt-in to your donation campaign. You can now send an automated message to the contact who has opted in with a simple message and a link to your donation site or information on how to donate. Since 2016 online donations have risen 17%, and it’s only moving up. Your nonprofit can catch this momentum of online donations by sending your donation link through a mass text with a click of a button on SendHub.

Create Donation Campaigns With Text-To-Join Keywords

With text-to-join keywords, your nonprofit has the ability to advertise your SendHub number and promote texting a specific keyword like “donate” to be able to opt-in to your messages. When a prospect opts into your text messages, you can create an automated message to all subscribers. Not only is this a great way to generate traffic to your site and increase brand awareness, but it adds to your list of contacts. Once a person opts into your SendHub number, you can now add them to your list to bulk text messages for future campaigns.

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Make Volunteer Communication Easy

There are dozens of ways your nonprofit can use text messaging to alleviate the stress of volunteer communication

  • Reschedule volunteers and link them to your site 
  • Send bulk text messages to your contact list about upcoming opportunities
  • Mass text your volunteer website 
  • Send safety tips and instructions for the day of the event
  • Relay emergency information quickly by a single text
  • Answer quick questions about volunteer requirements in an instant
  • Confirm volunteer times and dates
  • Rally volunteers together through a single text

Amplify Your Nonprofits Communication Easily

Use Local and Toll-Free Numbers

You have the option to have a local and toll-free number on the same account. Or, port in an existing number into SendHub and start texting immediately. We now offer hosted messaging, which lets you take a landline number and use it for text messaging! With over 150 million text messages being sent to landlines a day, you now will never miss an opportunity to connect. 

Text from Anywhere and Everywhere

Texting can now be done from your computer, tablet, iPhone. Quickly write out, schedule, and send mass text messages on our desktop app while still having the ability to send and receive messages on your mobile device when you’re out and about. With no hidden fees or contracts, your nonprofit can easily upgrade and downgrade your plan at your convenience. Start your text messaging strategy instantly by immediately logging into our desktop app, with no downloads and no hardware needed. 

A Voice and Texting Platform

Every SendHub account is equipped with VoIP. Now your text message recipients have the ability to give you a call and text all back to the same number. Voice on SendHub includes forwarding calls, voice mails, auto-attendant, and reliable connection and hearing. Your recipients will have the ability to call your SendHub number and leave voicemail messages; calls can be answered on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, meaning you never miss an opportunity to connect. 

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Make Your Nonprofits Mission Heard

With mass messaging capabilities, your nonprofit can send informational texts to all of your contacts with a click of a button.

When texting on your SendHub toll-free number, your nonprofit can start to send bulk information on the causes you care about the most. Attach a pdf, link your website, or even insert a captivating infographic presenting your cause. 

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