If your business is trying to improve its marketing techniques, you’ve likely considered MMS marketing. MMS and SMS marketing messages are some of the most widely used techniques for businesses today. MMS marketing can be utilized across many fields to promote just about anything. Small businesses, political campaigns, real estate agencies, schools and universities, non-profit organizations, religious institutions, dealerships, online retail, healthcare, transportation and many other verticals utilize this tool to drive their marketing campaigns. MMS messages can be tailored for special events, deals, limited offers, brand awareness and more.

What is MMS Marketing?

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service which is a form of SMS messaging that allows you to send media files such as videos, audios, images and even GIFs. In other words, MMS marketing can also be referred to as picture messaging. This marketing tool has proven beneficial to businesses everywhere because users are more likely to engage with multimedia messages.

What is the Difference Between MMS and SMS Marketing?

Even though MMS marketing is a derivative of traditional SMS practices, there are a few key differences between the two that every marketer should be aware of:

  • MMS messages allow for all forms of multimedia content whereas SMS messages only support text. With even the most basic messaging plan, you are able to send images, videos, GIFs and vCards with complete ease.
  • All GSM SMS in North America have a limited character count that typically consist of 160 characters per message segment. Anything more than 160 and not only will the message be sent as several different segments, but you will pay for each segment as an individual message as well. When you attach a multimedia file, you can send up to 1600 characters from SendHub and it will only count as one single message.
  • MMS messages are more likely to attract engagement than standard SMS. Compared to SMS, MMS messages average click-through rate is 15% higher with up to 20% more campaign opt-ins. If you are looking for more engagement from your users, MMS marketing is definitely the way to go.

What are the Benefits?

MMS marketing has proven to be very beneficial to businesses everywhere. Some of the most noteworthy benefits that all marketers should know about include:

  • It is universally available AND works on all smartphones. One of the most widely used messaging channels today is MMS. They are available on nearly 98% of mobile devices and your recipients do not need to download any additional applications.
  • It gives users the ability to utilize outbound and inbound communication. Aside from delivering engaging content, MMS messages allow users to respond with SMS and/or digital content as well. With SendHub, you can use a local, toll-free or short code number for outbound MMS messages. SendHub users can receive inbound MMS on all of our plans. This creates an easy two-way communication system for you and your audience.
  • MMS messages can be sent and received on local numbers, toll-free numbers or short codes. You do not need to purchase additional numbers to send out an MMS message.

If MMS marketing is an entirely new concept to you and your organization, take pride in knowing that it is a universal yet easy-to-use technique. Learn more about SendHub’s suggested MMS marketing best practices here.

What are the Costs?

SendHub offers a wide variety of MMS messaging plans for our users. MMS messages can typically cost anywhere between 2-3 times than the standard SMS message. With SendHub, you can get started with a messaging plan, MMS included, for as low as $16.95 a month! You can also talk with an Account Manager to customize a plan tailored directly for your organization.

Is It Effective?

Though MMS marketing might sound appealing in writing, you may be wondering just what are the chances of actually attracting users with this technique? Organizations have been implementing this tool to their advantage for years now and the statistics are very convincing.

MMS marketing has helped many brands increase sales, awareness and engagement. Whether you are a retail store looking to promote a sale or a political association looking to gain supporters, MMS marketing can play a crucial role in helping your organization reach its goals.

The Future of MMS Marketing

MMS marketing is a steadily growing and thriving industry. With more than 300 billion worldwide MMS messages sent each year and over a 99% open rate, every marketer should be hopping onto this bandwagon.

To explore SendHub’s MMS plans, you can schedule a quick demo here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at sales@sendhub.com or by phone at 844-736-3482 if you have any immediate questions.


What is the main advantage of MMS marketing over SMS marketing?

MMS marketing allows for richer content like images, videos, and audio, making messages more engaging and impactful.

How can businesses effectively integrate MMS into their marketing strategies?

Businesses can use MMS for product showcases, event promotions, and personalized customer messages to enhance engagement.

What are the key considerations for creating effective MMS marketing content?

Focus on high-quality visuals, concise messaging, and strong calls-to-action, keeping file sizes optimized for mobile viewing.

Are there specific regulations or best practices to follow in MMS marketing?

Yes, adhere to mobile marketing regulations, obtain consent from recipients, and ensure content is appropriate and relevant to your audience.