Nearly 5 years ago, Garrett, John, Ryan and I started working on SendHub full time. We wanted something simple: to make it easier to communicate.

We were told it was a bad idea. By a lot of people. People we respected and trusted, told us this problem was already solved, that our plan wasn’t different enough and that we should be working on something else. We disagreed and started building.

We found others who believed in this simple idea and put together the best team I’ve ever worked with. A group of people whose daily commitment, good humor and hard work changed an idea into a real business, touching millions of people across the World. We’ll never forget their belief in us through the many ups and downs.

As the business grew, we were lucky to collect a great group of investors. From the close friends and family who believed in us at the earliest stage to the institutions who provided the capital for us to scale; none of this would have been possible without their support.

Now SendHub is bigger than our ideas in a living room, it’s relied upon daily to deliver everything from delivery notifications, to homework assignments to life saving alerts in medical devices. Now it’s time to take this simple idea further, to a global audience and with people who share our simple belief that it should be easier to communicate.

Today, we’re excited to announce SendHub has been acquired by Cameo Global. More details available here – Full Press Release.

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