We are a small business that has been using SendHub for years and are very satisfied! Technology has significantly changed the way our customer base communicates with us and being able o not only text, but have a saved log of all written communication solves multiple problems and greatly saves us time.

SendHub Customer Testimonial

SendHub allowed us to better adapt to COVID19 as we already had an efficient virtual communication system in place, and now it even allows us to hire people without even coming to the office. We knew we could use it for hiring and but the fact that we could get our annual requirements through snapshots has made it a total game-changer.

It’s a great way to communicate with church staff and volunteers as well as members. It allows us to easily send out church announcements and have it read, unlike emails that never get read. Our members can easily reach out via SMS to communicate one-on-one and we can respond very easily.

Our Customers