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SendHub's Texting Application for Transportation Companies On-The-Go

More than ever, today’s transportation, delivery, dispatch, logistics and other businesses in the shared economy are relying on SendHub’s all-in-one desktop and mobile phone application to create efficient lines of communication by allowing them to send texts online. SendHub’s texting application for transportation professionals is a game-changer.

One Communication Hub for Your On-The-Go Staff

In an age where on-demand delivery and app-based services are becoming the norm, today’s logistics and delivery industries face many challenges, and real-time communication is only one of them. Let SendHub help. From limo and ride-sharing companies to transport and delivery services, the industry is seeing that business class text messaging is a must. On-the-move teams like Lyft, Zum and MV Transportation are using SendHub to keep strong communication among geographically dispersed employees, especially as these fleets expand into new cities. Check out our pricing today. gif maker 6
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Mass Communication Made Simple

SendHub is the go-to system for transportation, delivery, dispatch, logistics and other businesses in the shared economy because of its simplicity, flexibility and scalability for nimble, fast-moving teams.

At a time when customer service is more important than ever, along with real-time communication expectations, transportation companies need a robust SMS application. Transportation companies need administrative control to access a trail of communication between support teams, drivers and customers on the fly. SendHub’s texting application for transportation, delivery, and dispatch keeps your message history in your inbox so you can always refer to prior conversations.

Reasons Transportation Companies Use SendHub

Finally, a texting application for transportation companies that improves and simplifies communication.


Texting Has a 98% Open Rate, Email is only 20%

If you’re in transportation, delivery, dispatch, logistics or some other sector of the shared economy, you need a reliable business voice and texting application that will allow you to easily manage your business communications. Text messages have a 98% open rate and transportation companies need to get their message read, and quick. Email only has a 20% open rate. As someone in this field, you don’t have time to wait around for responses. Start texting in order to truly communicate with your audience.


292 Million People in North America Text

Text messaging is exploding and becoming an increasingly popular tool for all businesses, but especially transportation companies who need to be able to communicate with their team in the field. With 292 million people texting in North America, that’s 80% of the total population. If you’re not texting, you’re not properly communicating with your drivers and riders.


SMS has a 45% Response Rate

If you’re looking for actual responses, SendHub’s  texting application for transportation is the way to go. Don’t wait. Don’t get left behind. Transportation companies are staying competitive with SendHub.


90% of Texts are Read in 3 Minutes

SendHub’s business texting application for transportation companies makes sense because your message will actually get read, and fast! Don’t waste your time on another mass email. Send a text and get it read right away.


SendHub's guide for dispatch, delivery, transportation, and on-demand companies.

SendHub Offers Business Texting and a Professional Voice Service

Do you run a growing team that is constantly switching between traditional landlines, computers, and personal mobile devices? As a transportation company, you’re likely paying too much for an outdated VoIP service or getting too little from a patchwork of personal and professional tools. SendHub is designed to flex with the needs of a transportation company team without the overhead. Find out if our fresh approach to professional voice calling and text messaging is right for your team with this free download. gif maker 19 gif maker 21

Complete Communication System without the Hardware

SendHub’s Turnkey Solution Offers Transportation Companies Key Benefits Including:

– Business class text messaging and VoIP
– Custom voicemail greetings & call forwarding
– Professional Auto attendant
– Voicemail transcriptions and voicemail to email
– Mobile & desktop conference calling
– Local or toll free business phone numbers
– Easy setup & premium support
– No expensive hardware purchases
– Simple all-in-one platform
– Scale up or down with team size (no contracts)
– Access data across multiple devices
– Bypass expensive IT support

Make the Right Choice with SendHub's Texting Application for Transportation

SendHub can be up and running in a matter of minutes and you only pay for the lines you need – with plans starting as low as $7 per month. Contact SendHub sales today to see how easy SendHub’s SMS and VoIP solution can be for transportation, delivery, dispatch, logistics, or other businesses. gif maker 14

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