New User Promotion
Terms & Conditions

New User Promotion Terms & Conditions

This agreement is updated as of December 8th, 2020.

By participating in the new user promotion, you agree to abide by these New User Promotion Program Terms & Conditions.

About Our New User Promotion

SendHub’s new user promotion offers all-new SendHub users to be placed on a 24 dollar plan for 1000 messages per month. This promotion is for new users only and will not be offered to existing SendHub users creating an additional account. This promotion ends on December 31st, 2020.

How to join the 2020 promotion: To qualify for the new user promotion,  (i) you must be a new SendHub user  (ii) you do not have any existing accounts with SendHub.

New User Exclusions:  All SendHub plans are, not valid for cash or cash equivalent and cannot be combined with other offers. The new user promotion does not include inbound or outbound MMS and toll-free numbers.

Following the Rules

SendHub reserves the right to review, investigate and disqualify any new user that violates the SendHub New User Promotion, such as attempting to gain the promotion by using a different email address or by suspiciously creating multiple new accounts. SendHub may delay any discount for the purposes of investigation and may refuse to verify and process any transaction for any reason.

All SendHub users must comply with all up-to-date “SPAM” laws and marketing regulations.  which may include the laws where the intended new users live. Any new users that intend on or do send spam can and will be suspended.  SendHub automatically disqualifies suspicious new users and has the right to deny the plan towards suspicious new users.

Right to Cancel Promotion or Change Terms

SendHub reserves the right to cancel the SendHub New User Promotion or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. The SendHub New User Promotion is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice at SendHub’s sole discretion.

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