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Get Your Customized Demo

Let us show you how SendHub will make your life easier, help you connect with your audience and improve your results.

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Enterprise-Level Messaging

SendHub offers an easy to use SMS and MMS solution for all types of organizations from schools, churches and non profits to SMBs to large enterprises and delivery and logistics companies.
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Seamless Voice

SendHub’s voice/calling feature allows professional organizations to have one branded line, making it easier for your audience to remember you and contact you.
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Web-based and Mobile Apps

Send message right from your computer, or any device, with our web-based application.  Or download our Android or iOS apps so you can manage it from you mobile device.

SendHub Pricing FAQ

How long does it take to get started?

After selecting your plan you can be sending messages in minutes. There’s no hardware to install or configure, everything you need is included in your SendHub account.

What hardware do I need to use SendHub?

SendHub is an online messaging solution that uses the computers and phones you already have. No additional hardware to purchase or lease is required.

I don't see a plan that meets my needs?

No problem, if you need a plan with more than 4,000 messages, sales specialist will work to meet your requirements and offer a custom solution.

Can I cancel my plan at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime. While logged in, click the cog wheel on the right and select “My Settings” where you can click the “Start Deletion” button. Once done, our support team will verify your deletion by emailing the address on your SendHub account before purging your data.

Do you offer a 14 day free trial?

If you’re not ready to pick a plan yet, and you’d rather just test out the SendHub platform, we offer a basic free trial plan. Contact Sales today and get started on a free trial. The 14 day free trial gives you access to nearly all of SendHub’s features, with use of our web and mobile apps, and just enough messages to test out the inbound and outbound functionality. Each trial requires a valid email address and credit card, which won’t be charged unless you choose to upgrade.

Does SendHub offer an API?

Yes. If you’d like to build a solution powered by SendHub’s powerful messaging we offer a complete easy to use API. Learn more.

How am I billed for long messages?

All carriers break up long SMS messages into either 160 or 70 character segments and bill for each segment. The default length of a segment is 160 characters, however if your message has any special characters or emojis (aka non-GSM characters), this forces the carriers to use a different encoding which will reduce the segment size to 70 characters.  There are certain characters that can require 2 character spaces to encode them.

SendHub’s SMS Calculator will now help you see how many segments your message will be as you type it into the SendHub platform. The SMS calculator is not yet available on our mobile apps. Read more.

What does the SMS Recipient limit mean?

SendHub has a limit on how many people (recipients) you can send any single message to. Example: Send one message to 150 people. If you would like to send to a higher recipient list, then a custom plan with a special toll-free number approved for high volume messaging would be best.

More questions?

Contact our sales or support team at 844-990-4400 or search our knowledge base for answers.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Let us help! Contact us at 844-990-4400.