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Why Business SMS Messaging Works?

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Efficient Communication

About 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent, providing a more effective way for businesses to communicate with clients,

It's important for businesses to consider business SMS messaging as a way to communicate with employees, customers, and partners. Get in touch with us today to discuss how short code and API might help you scale your business, and fast!

Scalable Business SMS Messaging

Scalable Solution for Businesses

Easily send a text online to individuals or small and large groups. Text provides consistent, fast communication in ways that voice and email can’t.

Don't worry, we know voice isn't going anywhere. That's why we offer VOIP. Check out our subscription plans today to learn more about voice minutes included in the sms marketing plan that works best for you. Send a text online and take calls too with our business sms messaging solution.

Cost Effective Business SMS Messaging

Budget-friendly SMS

Send business sms messages at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Messages can be received on any cell phone, regardless of device requirements, operating systems, or downloads.

Sending a text message online has never been more simple. SendHub is the SMS marketing company that you want to scale with today. Don't wait any longer. Get started today.

Business SMS Messaging Plans

Short Code
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Enable and Disable Short Code from our business messaging solution. Use Short code or long code and send a text message online anytime. Make sure your text message is sent at the right time.

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Integrate your software with SendHub's API access. Build your own text messaging platform with SendHub business SMS messaging marketing platform. Automation is the key to success and SendHub's API will get you there.

Basic Plans
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We offer à la carte and custom pricing options. If you don’t see a monthly plan that meets your needs, contact us and we’ll design something that works for you.

Business Line

Get a Business line to send and receive text messages

  • Respond directly to inbound text messages; send a text online
  • Start 1-1 conversations, improve engagement communication
  • All messages are time stamped and archived for visibility
  • Easy to manage contact database. Connect to google, yahoo or import from your phone CSV import
  • Inbound MMS support. Receive and view incoming picture messages from outside phone numbers
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Messaging Dashboard

A unified inbox for all outbound and inbound messages

  • Organized easy to read message threads
  • Inbound MMS picture message support
  • Administrators and users can log in through the web or on their mobile phones

Two-Way Communication

Have two way communication with a mobile workforce, remote team or customers

  • Send a text to a group. If an individual responds you can automatically create a 1-1 conversation thread
  • All outgoing and incoming messages get timestamped and message records archived

SendHub Messaging API

Get a Business line to send and receive text messages

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • API includes inbox, outbound, replies, groups, and contacts to use.
  • Built in compliance
  • Webhooks offer instant notification of inbound messages
  • Templates



  • We offer high speed and volume sending capabilities as well as protect your message from carrier filtration
  • Our solution includes, shortcode replies, shortcode keywords, text to join and custom reply join message
  • Subscribe for alerts and updates by texting a word to a number. Example: text 333333 for updates
  • Custom signature: Set a signature line for every outgoing message
  • Auto-responder: Have an auto-response to every inbound message or set up an away message

Our customers love using SendHub to stay connected.

“The ability to communicate efficiently with drivers across the country is essential to our business. SendHub provides an easy-to-use system that allows us to instantly deliver important messages at any time, and its flexibility allows us to readily scale as we expand into new cities.”

SendHub for Business Text Messaging Guide

Dispatch, Delivery and transportation: Changing the way distributed workforces communicate

Not sure which plan is right for you? Let us design a custom solution for your business.    REQUEST QUOTE