Increase your messaging engagement and easily scale your brand through bulk MMS marketing campaigns and MMS API which is now available on SendHub. You can now send bulk MMS messages from our user-friendly application or by connecting to SendHub’s MMS API. SendHub provides our clients an environment where they can leverage text message marketing by communicating through our out-of-the-box web-based and mobile applications, but also through API.

More marketers are learning that MMS is the secret sauce to their omnichannel approach and that people prefer receiving MMS messages to SMS. Enterprises to SMBs, healthcare organizations, schools, real estate, and transportations companies, and more organizations tap into the power of MMS and see double the click-through rates. Whether you’re simply talking internally with your colleagues or sending a broadcasted MMS pictures, gifs, and video message, MMS is simply more engaging than SMS. People are more likely to share an MMS message than an SMS message. With MMS marketing, you can kiss that pesky 160-character limit goodbye. If you’re looking for a bigger impact, mass MMS and MMS API could be just the ticket for you.

How SendHub’s MMS API Works

SendHub’s API allows some of our more advanced users and their developers to set up and design their own automated workflows, use SendHub to send and receive SMS and now MMS messages, manage keywords (check availability, reserve and remove keywords), manage contacts, get data feeds, and integrate a seamless opt-in process. Our API can be integrated in any software solution that you and your team already use every day.

Communicate with your customers through a channel they simply can’t miss. SendHub’s MMS API makes reaching your customers easy from your existing technical stack. Meaning, SendHub’s API allows you to unlock MMS capability in your current software platforms.

The process of connecting to our API is very simple and straight-forward. You can be up and running within minutes and have a full solution for your MMS messaging campaigns.

You can read more about our API by checking out our API Documentation.

Send Bulk MMS From SendHub

Text messaging is one of the number one ways to communicate, at a 98% open rate a text messaging has a higher open rate than email, phone calls, and voicemail. Bulk MMS is the new way your business can market its product and communicate with its contacts. The same way you would send a mass SMS is the same way you can send a Bulk MMS. By simply adding an image to your message, you will captivate your recipient making it more likely for them to be interested in your message.

Bulk MMS provides our users with the ability to send mass MMS messages. Your business can send crisp images through MMS to an entire list of contacts with a click of a button. Bulk MMS makes it so that promotional images, campaign fliers, screenshots, and more can be viewed by the masses in a single text. Bulk MMS is not only fun but aids in the scalability of your message; by sending an image instead of a text, recipients can save that image onto their devices for future reference or even share it with others.

How To Send Bulk MMS

Sending bulk MMS messages is just as easy as sending your typical text message. With SendHub you can simply create your group of contacts that you would like to send an MMS to and click our file icon. The file icon allows you to drag and drop or upload images into SendHub’s text box. While you can try to send any images, you really should read our MMS Best Practices article and make sure you fully understand the file sizes, dimensions, and more.

To read the answer to some frequently asked questions regarding MMS, Check out Outbound MMS FAQ Knowledge Base Article.

Explore Your MMS Options

Start boosting your organization’s communication strategy by incorporating MMS into the mix! To learn more schedule a demo with our sales team and we’d be happy to learn more about your business and how a SendHub MMS plan can best fit your needs.