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There are 6 billion emojis floating around the world on mobile applications everyday. These emojis help marketers humanize and personalize their brands, which is one of the many reasons SendHub unveiled our emoji library.

As the fastest growing language of all time, emojis also help marketers communicate with their audience on a daily basis. This is a language that brands have not been able to ignore. Now brands have started to integrate them in their marketing messages while communicating with younger generations. Emojis help marketers and brands reveal brand sentiment, brand association, product launched, and product offering awareness.

There are many ways brands can utilize emojis to their benefit. Here is a list of five ways emojis help marketers communicate with their audience.

5 Ways Emojis Help Marketers Communicate with Their Audience:

1. Efficiency

You’ve probably heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. When it comes to quick messaging like texting, busy businesses and customers can save time by using an emoji as a part of their servicing. Domino’s Pizza, for instance, uses a pre-set preference profile that, once customers fill out, helps them automatically order a pizza by texting a single emoji.

2. Branding

Emojis help marketers humanize and personalize their brand. Emotions are really a key ingredient for connecting to customers and emojis help marketers establish that emotional connection. If you find an emoji that works with your brand, you can use it as a part of your automated messaging and other customer service activities. Once you establish an emoji that jives well with your brand, you can also use this emoji on social media and other platforms for consistency.

3. Clarity of Tone

Even the best writers have trouble conveying emotion. Adding something that conveys a specific emotion can help get a message across to people in a new and fresh way. And because there are so many emojis available today, you can use them to alert people or cue them to act. For instance, airlines might add a plane emoji to accent texts that indicate a late flight or environmental campaigns could use animals to add color to a simple campaign message.

4. Addressing Key Demographics

Emojis aren’t only for younger generations anymore. For younger generations who are extremely text-savvy, they can work wonders when it comes to emoji communication. This is simply because they are a part of their regular lexicon. They can be used in almost any context. People of all ages are sending smiley faces, thumbs up, and an array of emojis in their text messages.

5. Readability

No matter what type of mobile device a person is on, people get tired of reading long strings of text. Emojis can be used to essentially give the readers eyes a “break”. By allowing these breaks in texts, they’re humanizing their message, while still being thorough about the message itself. An image and a simple friendly invitation to try something new or addressing a certain need is an inexpensive way to create a mini-ad that can be used across multiple platforms.

Adding emojis to your SMS marketing is a simple and inexpensive way to add a little color to your texts. SendHub has just incorporated a whole new line of emojis to their database – want to check them out? Click here to request a demo today!