Business Text Messaging

Auto City Homes is an owner-to-owner home selling business with a functional business model, a solid customer base, and an interactive website. The only thing preventing them from switching to a profitable completely digital operational model was the absence of a serviceable text messaging service, and that too, not for a lack of trying. The company switched from service to service only to be disappointed.

“They just wouldn’t work. Not only that, I didn’t have access to our account and couldn’t keep track of how many texts I was sending, how many messages I have left, how much am I being charged, etc.”

The company also quoted an unwarranted increase in prices, poor customer support, high turnover rate, and dismal functionality as being the major reasons for turning to another service.

“People asked us to checkout SendHub, and we did, and it fit, and it worked out.”

This article is based on actual client testimonials and will provide insight into the uses, features, and benefits of using SendHub, an efficient business text messaging service for your real estate business.

SendHub for Functionality, Dependability, and Support!

 A word of mouth referral convinced Tony Fernandez from Auto City homes to try SendHub business text messaging, and the features offered by the service made him stay.

“What we liked about SendHub was that it was competitively priced, user-friendly, and you can use it on multiple devices. It’s easy to follow, keeps track of all our conversations, and even allows voice calls.”

For smaller business, pricing is a very important factor when choosing a service to use. SendHub’s competitive pricing often helps seal the deal, but it really is the functionality of the service that attracts customers. 

As a customer, you have access to your account, and you can keep track of the messages you send out. There are no gray areas in terms of payments and billing processes. In fact, Auto Home Sales now operates electronically through an interactive website and an efficient text messaging service as their main source of communication.

A Simplified Communication Channel 

Marketing techniques have evolved, and you will find many vouching for digital marketing. But as they say, old is gold, and many still prefer texts as the primary source of communication between a company and its customers. Simple because it produces better results!

Initially, Auto City Homes’ customers had to come into the office to make inquiries. The company staff had to leave what they were doing to entertain a client. It was either that, or the company would have had to hire a dedicated customer support agent. 

Both options increase operational costs for the company. They also demand that the customer make an effort to come into the office for a query, and if they’d forget to ask a question, they’d have to come again. 

“Texting increases customer satisfaction, because before, customers would have to come into our office in-person if they had questions or needed help, and staff would have to stop what they were doing to tend to customers.”

Not only was this process time consuming but also very inefficient for the company, making it almost impossible to scale operations without substantially increasing costs. However, with SendHub, the company was able to cut down on its operational costs and improve efficiency.

“What would’ve taken an hour to accomplish, now takes 5 minutes.”

Quick Response Time and Better Visibility with SendHub

SendHub has proven beneficial for the company allowing it to grow and gain popularity faster than they could have had they used an alternative means of communication such as email.

“If I send a text message today, that text will continue to float around 3-4 months from now. And even if that particular property is sold, I still get inquiries from interested people about other available properties.”

Texts go viral; emails do not. Everybody reads a text, but not everybody reads an email, and not everybody forwards it. In fact, there are more chances of your email rotting in the spam folder than there are of it reaching the relevant audience. 

However, a text message can go viral in minutes. For Auto City Homes, the results more than doubled because of the referral discount/benefit the company offers.

“It just goes viral, so that’s why we use texting more than anything.”

SendHub allows you to put together your business card, marketing message, and important information in one text. The customer knows exactly what you are offering and what they are contacting you for. Combine that with the convenience that they only need to send in a text to ask for more information, and you have an efficient communication model.

“After we send a text blast, in about 15 minutes, we get immediate responses and reactions from customers. The response time is so much faster than an email or business card, etc.”

An Organized Business Text Messaging Service

SendHub places great emphasis on providing personalized solutions to its clients. The service strives to be the best possible communication solution for small businesses allowing them to focus on expanding and growing by simplifying their communication process. 

With a company like Auto City Homes that gets tons of queries every day, keeping track of clients can prove very challenging indeed. You can lose track of a text thread or lose customer information, which can prove very frustrating for the company and the customer. However, with SendHub, you do not have to worry about that.

“With SendHub, we can put all customer information and notes into contacts and can be referred back to avoid any possible miscommunications between staff and customers.”

Why Choose SendHub?

The current pandemic has highlighted the need to integrate digital technologies into business models to ensure smooth-sailing all year round. SendHub is a text messaging service that allows you to do that and more. It allows you to compile all your contacts in one place and store all necessary information within the software, so you don’t lose track of your customers or text chain.

Smaller businesses like Auto City Homes, in particular, can benefit greatly from a service like SendHub, as seen in the customer testimonial above. The service offers flexibility, functionality, and ease of use, simplifying day-to-day business communication.