Jessie Lizak

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ms. Jessie Lizak is Sales & Marketing Manager at SendHub, Inc. Jessie was previously hired by Cameo Global and working on SendHub marketing was only a side project, but Jessie soon became very engaged in SendHub activities originally including Support, Billing and Sales. Prior to moving on to new projects, Jessie helped train new team members, before becoming Business Development Manager and later the Sales & Marketing Manager at SendHub.

Digital Marketing, data analytics, and research is Jessie’s background with 10 years in multiple industries including tech, not-profit, and political campaigns. E-mail marketing, social media, and SEO/SEM are the common denominators in most of her work experiences.

Jessie holds a master’s degree in sociology and her overall goal is to help help SendHub customers scale by educating them on the product, pricing and support so they hold the power to best communicate with their audience.


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Mark Handermann



Mr. Mark Handermann is CEO of SendHub, Inc., an innovative Silicon Valley startup in the hosted SMS messaging space. SendHub was acquired by Cameo Global, Inc. in 2015 and was run by its founding team for the first full year following the acquisition. Mr. Handermann assumed the executive leadership role for the subsidiary as part of a strategy to reinstitute growth and profits for the business, leading close to a 200% increase in revenues in the first 4 quarters of his tenure.

Mr. Handermann was previously the founder of Cameo Solutions, Inc. and the original architect for Cameo’s signature product, CloudBlu™. Mr. Handermann was responsible for the overall business strategy, strategic investments, and management of Cameo’s enterprise and service provider businesses until the company was acquired by Cameo Global, Inc. in 2014.

Prior to Cameo Global, Mr. Handermann was a Founder of Wirespeed Networks from 2001-2006, a leading regional Cisco partner in the Unified Communications space. Wirespeed was successfully acquired by Analyst International in 2006. There, Mr. Handermann led the company’s contact center business unit and established the professional services practice.

Mr. Handermann is nationally recognized as an expert on communications, messaging, contact center solutions, including interactive voice response scripting and integration services. He also brings unique knowledge and experience in datacenters including managed and hosted services. Mr. Handermann is a graduate of Cincinnati Technical College, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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