Most people would agree teachers already have a pretty difficult job. Like many professions, effective communication is essential to their success, but many school districts continue to keep teachers in the dark ages of email-based outreach.

“My parents love it. SendHub makes my life much simpler. It’s so easy for me to communicate now.”

Myra noticed that her students in Tennessee didn’t have or never checked email, but were always texting, so she decided to join the conversation. Hundreds of her students and their parents now receive weekly text reminders and Myra finds that it’s the “best form of communication I have.”

“It’s more than what I expected,” Myra explained. “Before I was sending messages from my private phone and it’s an Atlanta number. Now, I have a local SendHub number, which parents like and feel more comfortable with.”

Myra is just one of the many educators using SendHub to stay in touch with their students, parents and colleagues. It’s great for sending reminders about homework, organizing events and getting feedback.

If you’re using SendHub to make your life easier, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.