Texting From Computer: No Service, No Problem

Went over your data plan for the month? Stuck in an area with no cellular connection? When sending texts from your computer on SendHub, all you need is a wifi connection, and you’re ready to go! We all know that feeling when we start to see those cellular bars get lower and lower, and that undelivered text of doom constantly reminding us of what could have been. By texting from your computer, these issues cease to exist – simply login into SendHub.com from your browser and your back to messaging colleagues and customers like you never left. 

Texting From Computer: Become The Usain Bolt Of Texting

Those high school typing classes didn’t completely go to waste; we all know that typing on a keyboard is way faster than using that tiny little screen on our smartphones. When drafting a longer message, it takes almost twice the time and energy to scroll up and down our phone screens to edit and reword on such a small surface. Texting is the new wave of business communication, and it’s crucial that you are able to look over your message with ease, especially when sending a mass text. By texting from a computer, you become far more efficient within your texting strategy.

Texting From Computer: Mass SMS, MMS & Group Keywords

Texting from your computer on SendHub gives you access to many features that aren’t available on smartphones. As a business, sending mass texts to your customer base is an essential marketing strategy. It gives you the ability to connect with your consumers in a far more personal way. By advertising your SendHub number and text-to-join keyword, you can allow for existing and soon to be customers to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns – growing your contact list exponentially!

Through SendHub, those opt-ins will automatically join your group, and you will be able to send and connect with your new contacts easier than ever. With mass texting, you can send one message to hundreds of people within your contact list and be able to receive individual replies from each of them, saving you time and energy. 

Texting From Computer: Automatic Replies & Scheduled Messages

Texting from SendHub on your computer allows you to set up automatic replies and schedule your messages! It’s effortless to set up automated responses on your computer within SendHub; all you need to do is head on over to your settings and scroll down to automatic replies and then let the world of automatic replies become your oyster. SendHub is the best app to text from a computer, here are some examples of popular automatic replies:

“Thank you for contacting {company name]! We are open M-F, 8am-6pm. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as they can. In the meantime, you can check out our FAQ & more information on our website: {website link}

“Thank you for the message. We will get back to you ASAP! We are open for Patio Dining every day from 12pm-10:30pm. Check out our menu: {link to menu}”

“Thanks for your message! We will get back to you soon!” 

SendHub on your computer also enables you and your business to schedule messages! Have a busy week ahead? Use the weekend to schedule out some messages and then let SendHub do the rest. Scheduled messages are a huge time saver and are a great way to have constant communication with contacts throughout the week. You can schedule messages far in advance as well so that you can make sure your message always gets out. 

Texting From Computer: Fewer Distractions

Let’s face it, we all know that moment when you’re in the middle of an important message, and you suddenly get that tingle to exit out and watch cat videos for 3 hours, play your newest game, take a midday selfie, peruse social media and more. It’s normal – trust me, we’ve been there. However, when texting from your computer, distractions are cut in half – it’s not as easy to ‘swipe up’ and browse through a plethora of distractions and take away from the task at hand – literally! 

Texting From Computer: Analytics

Unlike texting from your phone, when texting from your computer on SendHub, you can track your analytics! By going over to SendHub’s analytics tab within your account, you can view things like delivered and undelivered rates on all of your messages. The analytics page, when using SendHub on your computer, is a great tool to see which messages are being delivered, undelivered, how you are being billed for them, and more! 

Get Started Today!

Texting from your computer has never been easier and with SendHub you can utilize text messaging to boost sales, increase personal connections, and overall grow your business. Interested in creating a text message strategy? Sign up for a free trial today or connect with our sales team and we’d be happy to help.