Trying to find the best texting app that’s both effective and affordable for your business? Don’t bother scrolling through Google search results or wasting your time on messaging apps that don’t provide the level of service you need. SendHub’s text messaging app has everything you need to successfully manage your business communications!

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about why SendHub is the best texting app.

What is SendHub?

SendHub offers out-of-the-box texting services to help businesses and organizations easily create, send and organize all messages within our texting app. We are committed to helping you grow, increase revenue and enjoy simpler communication with customers, employees and vendors.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider SendHub as your go-to business texting app.

1. SendHub’s Leading Texting Features

SendHub can help you improve your business communications without the need for lengthy contracts or difficult setup processes. Some of the features that make us stand out as the best texting app include:

Unlimited Groups & Keywords

All of SendHub’s plans include groups and unlimited text-to-join keywords! Market your text-to-join keywords and watch your contact database grow as subscribers opt-in to your groups. When they opt-in with SendHub’s unlimited keywords, our double opt-in process helps keep your organization compliant. Refer to SendHub’s blog on the Double Opt-in method and SMS compliance for more information.

Bulk SMS

Whether you’re sending SMS or MMS messages, alerts, notifications or polls to your entire marketing list, SendHub makes it simple to send out text messages to a few, hundreds or even thousands of contacts within minutes! Learn all about SendHub’s text messaging app for mass texting here.

Hosted Messaging

SendHub’s hosted SMS service, or also known as split service, allows you to text-enable your existing numbers or landline. You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using the SendHub platform while leaving the voice capabilities and landline number in place with your current carrier or service provider. This method provides our customers with an easy and simple number management experience.

SMS API Integration

Our SMS API integration brings greater efficiency and productivity to your business communications. We are dedicated to helping you integrate our SMS marketing platform with the tools that are important to you that you already use every day. From text messaging automations to CRM integrations, our SMS API can handle it all. Connect with our Sales Team today if you would like to add an SMS API integration to your SendHub account.

2. Versatility of SendHub’s Texting App

From industry giants to local nonprofits, all types of businesses and organizations are beginning to unleash the power of texting. Several industries that have already started implementing SendHub’s complete texting app into their communication and marketing strategies include:

Schools & Universities

SendHub’s text messaging service for schools and universities makes it easy to send notifications and alerts to hundreds of students, parents and staff all within moments. From scheduling homework assignment reminders to alerting parents of overdue fees or tuition balances, texting can be integrated into a school’s communication strategy in a number of ways.

Nonprofit Organizations

As traditional fundraising methods grow out of style, nonprofits can turn to texting as a new way to reach out to potential donors. Through the power of texting, they can communicate with all of their donors and supporters through personalized messages.

Heavy Equipment Dealer Groups

Many logistics and heavy equipment dealer groups are beginning to utilize texting to create efficient lines of communication. SendHub’s texting app allows them to automate parts pick-up SMS notifications as well as warranty expiration text messages, promote special service deals and even reach out to new leads. Learn more about SendHub’s texting platform for heavy equipment dealerships here.

Recruitment and HR Departments

Text recruiting is becoming a popular solution for many businesses to have in order to modernize their hiring processes. Not only are job seekers able to have more direct lines of communication with employers, but also companies are able to streamline their screening and onboarding processes. Here are some recruiting text message examples and ways recruiters can use SendHub’s texting app.

Real Estate Agents

Top-performing real estate agents are using texting to generate more leads and drive higher sales. All you have to do is create a text-to-join keyword and place it on your rider and watch as your lead list grows itself as prospective buyers opt-in for texts. Check out more ways realtors can use text messaging to their advantage here.

Political Campaigns

Whether you’re running for President or a spot on city council, staying closely connected with voters and supporters is the key to victory. Learn how to write a compelling political campaign SMS message here.

Get Started with SendHub’s Texting App Today!

For every industry mentioned above, there are many more examples of businesses and organizations that are using SMS messaging. Whether you work for a large corporation or operate your own small business, there are many innovative uses for texting. Make the right choice for your business and choose SendHub!

Not ready to pick a plan yet? Sign up for our free trial today! With SendHub’s easy-to-use SMS messaging platform, you can improve client relationships, automate tedious tasks and ensure your messages get delivered and read quickly. Feel free to contact our Sales Team and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you, answer questions and show you how texting can benefit your business communications.