Your church needs the best church texting system to continue its daily communication in the digital world. While you may already be sending weekly newsletters by email and updating your church’s website, the most direct way to communicate with someone digitally is text messaging. Almost everyone has a cellphone, and with 90% of people opening a text message within the first 3 minutes of receiving it, your message is sure to be seen. Check out 5 reasons why SendHub is the best church texting system for you. 

Text for Donations Through the Best Church Texting System

With text messaging, your church can ask for donations in a simple way. Instead of constantly emailing members of the church to mail in or send their donations through your website, send a text with a simple phrase and how to donate. Not only will this save you time from the constant donation campaigns, but it’s a quick way to get donations from churchgoers who aren’t even in the area. With SendHub’s best church text system, your church also gets access to unlimited text-to-join keywords, allowing members to opt-in to your text campaigns by texting in a keyword of your choice to your SendHub number. 

Increase Engagement & Get Feedback with a Text

Any place of worship wants to know how to do better and how to get even more believers through their doors. A great way to see what’s working and what’s not working is by sending a text asking for feedback. With SendHubs best church texting system, your church can send a bulk text to all of its contacts post mass, service, or any other church event asking for opinions. Not only will this feedback help your church, but it increases engagement with churchgoers and opens a door of communication. Church texting doesn’t have to be one way; let the members of your church know that they can respond to you and that you are open to conversation. However, with SendHubs best church texting system, you can disable incoming messages and continue to send mass messages to all of your contacts. 

Thank you Suzy for joining us today! Let us know your thoughts on today’s bible study by replying here. We would appreciate your feedback.”

“Hi, Rahul! We want to know what events you would like to see at Grace Church this December?”

“To all Grace Church Members: Parking is limited. We encourage you all to arrive early, carpool, walk, and please do not park in the neighboring business lots.”

Start Texting Volunteers, Youth Groups & More

Volunteering and giving back to the community is a major part of many churches and places of worship. It’s crucial to have constant communication with your volunteers on the day of events to make sure everything runs smoothly; a great way to keep this up is through text. With text messaging, your church can schedule and reschedule volunteers at a moment’s notice. Instead of sending an email to your volunteers of the event the night prior, send a text message filled with instructions and emergency info; that way, your volunteers have all of that information not only the day before but also the day of, right in their hands. On event days, it’s hard to gather everyone’s attention and communicate effectively, use text messaging to rally up volunteers the day of, and send any emergency messages if need be. With SendHub’s best church texting system, you even have the ability to save frequently used messages templates, saving you time from always having to type the same message over and over. 

Church youth groups are another sector of your church that would greatly benefit from texting. Group leaders can text group members about changes, events, reminders, and even use texting as a line of open communication. Younger generations are more likely to only respond to text messages; many rarely check their emails or voicemail messages. Have various groups within your church? With the best church texting system at your fingertips, you can create multiple groups for all the different sectors of your church – keeping you organized and efficient. 

“To all car wash volunteers, please wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and sun protection for the event tomorrow. Check-in will promptly begin at 9am in front of the main church door. Please reply here with any questions.”

“The youth group retreat waiver and fee is due by this Sunday! Fee’s can be given by cash or check, and your waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.”

“To all Grace Church members, sign up for the annual bake sale here: {insert link}”

Send Inspiring Messages and Prayers Via Text

One of our favorite ways churches use SendHub’s best church texting system is by sending daily prayers and inspirational verses. Keep your community engaged with a compelling message or bible verse of the day that they can read to lift their spirits. A church is a family, and when an emergency strikes, your church can send a mass text to its members, asking for prayers and help to those in need. 

“Happy Thanksgiving from Grace Church! We pray you all to have a blessed day and hope to see you at our warm meal drive tomorrow.”

“Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14.” 

“Our dear church member Janet has suffered a broken hip in a recent accident, please pray for her and her well being”

Use MMS Messaging for Church Events

One of the most exciting features of SendHub’s best church texting system is the ability to use MMS! You can create captivating fliers for your recipients for holiday gatherings, charity drives, mass, bible studies, and more. If MMS is not your thing, use our mass texting feature to send all of your contacts a text message invite with a click of a button. Or advertise your SendHub number with a text-to-join keyword so that the public can opt-in to your messages and get notified about any event details. 

Learn More About The Best Church Texting System!

As virtual communication becomes even more prevalent, a text messaging strategy is necessary for churches. With the best church texting system, your church can revolutionize its communication strategy and increase engagement tenfold. Learn more by signing up for a demo today.