A business text messaging app is necessary for 2020. With email open rates around 18% and cold calls at a mere open rate of 2.5%, your business will not have success in its marketing strategy unless you implement text messaging into the way you communicate. SendHub is your all in one texting solution, with countless features that your regular texting plan doesn’t have, a business text messaging app like SendHub can increase revenue and brand exposure instantly. Check out 5 reasons why SendHub’s text messaging app works:

1. Mass Texting Made Easy With SendHub’s Text Messaging App

Unlike texting through your regular cellphone provider, a text messaging app like SendHub allows you to mass communicate with your contacts with a click of a button. Mass text messaging is great for things like promotions, blowout sales, urgent reminders, school announcements, business updates, and more. Our toll-free numbers make it so that carriers are unlikely to never block your messages and SendHub’s analytics tool helps you find out which numbers from your contacts aren’t getting your message delivered. SendHub’s text messaging app also gives you the ability to upload your contacts right into a group you’d like to mass text – meaning no more clicking, adding, dropping, and editing.

SendHub’s platform also allows you to schedule out messages as well. Whether they be a single one on one text message, an MMS, or mass message, you can draft out your message and schedule it at a date and time of your choice. Say goodbye to those early morning text blasts or constant reminders in the middle of the day to text your customers – scheduling messages gives you back time to focus on the rest of your business.

2. Templates & Merge Fields to Help You Save Time

Our text messaging app can save your business time and energy by using templates and merge fields. Templates work to stop you from having to type the same message over and over again. Many times business have an arsenal of messages that are sent out on a daily basis, whether they are business reminders, check in’s, order confirmations, appointment-related and more, templates help you save time and focus on what’s really important. SendHub offers a variety of templates for countless industries within our templates hub – feel free to copy them as they are or edit them to add your own touch. Don’t like any of our templates? SendHub’s template feature allows you to create, edit, and delete your templates!

Merge fields are another exciting tool that your business can use within SendHub’s text messaging app. Merge fields allow you to personalize any message in an instant! For example, add a merge field for your contacts name and magically your recipient will see their name once they receive the text. Now every single one of your recipients will feel special seeing their name being addressed by your business. Learn more about templates and merge fields

3. Custom Integrations & Hosted Messaging Make SendHub Stand Out

Integrating a text messaging app like SendHub with the tools your business uses everyday is like having your cake and eating it too! Our integration specialists at SendHub can help you integrate and our open API makes it easy for your own developers to do so as well. SendHub’s direct integrations with CRMs like Follow Up Boss are easy to use and have allowed users to text their leads directly from their CRM. If you have specific software or site you’d like to integrate with, the SendHub sales team will be able to guide you in the direction you need to go.

Hosted Messaging on SendHub’s texting app lets our users keep their business landline phones and enable them to be used for SendHub text messaging as well. Meaning your customers can still call and text your landline number. With texting as one of the most popular ways to communicate, it’s critical to make sure your business is equipped with a number that can send and receive text messages

Have multiple landlines within your business that need to be text-enabled? SendHub makes it so that just one SendHub account can have multiple add lines added on, whether they be through hosted messaging or not!  Hosted messaging is quick and easy to set up, once you are on a paid plan with SendHub, simply connect with our support team to get your landline number enabled!

4. Stay Limitless With Unlimited Groups & Keywords

With a SendHub dedicated number, your business can start to advertise your number to expand your contact list and help promote your business. Start promoting a keyword that customers or leads can opt-in to by texting your SendHub number! Now you will have a plethora of interested people joining your list through a simple text. For example, advertise the word “Jolly” to have your customers opt-in for special deals during the holiday season! Apart of a political campaign? Promote the word “Vote” with your SendHub number to have customers opt-in for election updates and information on ways to volunteer. The possibilities are truly limitless with SendHub’s text messaging app.

5. MMS Reigns Supreme With SendHub’s Text Messaging App

MMS is one of the most fun ways to engage with your contacts! With a captivating image being sent out to your contact list you are more likely to grab their attention. A SendHub MMS plan can give you the ability to send images of special offers, coupon codes, fun greetings, logos and so much more! MMS marketing with SendHub’s text messaging app is almost guaranteed to gauge a response from your contacts and help your business and a brand grow. To learn more about MMS, check out our blog about MMS marketing best practices.

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